About Out Cafe

We invite you to our world of chocolate & coffee. Prague now joins New York, Florence, Sydney and other cities worlwide with its first chocolate café. A place where you can smell, taste and feel our love to chocolate and coffee.

Feel the origin of chocolate, the taste of cocoa from Chuao — Venezuela, Trinidad, Jamaica and other exotic places. Enjoy the mix of Indian, Guatemalan, Columbian and Brazilian coffee beans, freshly roasted, in our unique blend of Tuo Caffe Italiano. That’s what inspired us to open this place. You will find many ideas in our menu. Be sure that we are going to serve you with a big portion of originality. All our products are designed exclusively for Out Cafe Chocolate and are made in-house only from the best ingredients.

Enjoy every moment & make Out Cafe Chocolate your second home.


Out Café Chocolate interior consists from divers areas. The first and the biggest one is the main lobby with 56 seats. There is a view terrace during the summer months with the capacity up to 60 seats. The upper part of the interior consists from the LCD bar with about 12 seats and the conference room. This room can be separated from the all other areas and offers so place for business meetings, conferences or privat events. It includes a special bar, audio and video system with large-screen TV. The interior gives a many set up variants and has capacity up to 250 persons. For information and reservation please contact Out Café Chocolate.

Tuo Caffé

Our coffee was blendet after long months of choosing the right beans. It includes coffee from India, Guatemala, Columbia and Brasil. Tou Caffé has a full taste, strong aroma but it's mild at the same time. It is originaly blendet only fot Out Café Chocolate. You can enjoy our espresso with the tipical creamy foarm and feel so very intensively all tastes of the coffee.


Our chocolate is prepared on many different ways. But the basic is always a blend of cocoa from Trinidad and Venezuela in a 70 % dark chocolate which is one of the best in the world and won many times the chocolate awards. Taste. You will find a peace of exotic in every cup. And only at this one place in Prague.

Our foundation is AMADEI Chocolate from Tuscany – Italy, “The World’s Best Chocolate” (by FOOD & WINE magazine), which has won many awards around the world. See more at www.amedei.com.