Good Morning Homemade bread, butter, jam and honey
Coffee / Tea / Chocolate
109 CZK
Supersize Homemade bread, cheese, vegetable
Omelet / boiled eggs / scrumbled eggs
Coffee / Tea / Chocolate
169 CZK
Sweet Pancakes, yogurt, fresh fruits, jam
Coffee / Tea / Chocolate
139 CZK
Two eggs of your choice
50 CZK
* Hot chocolate addition
30 CZK
** Homemade bread & butter
35 CZK


Chicken Tortilla Tortilla, chicken breast, vegetables, salad
140 CZK
Piri-Piri schrimps in Pita Piri-Piri schrimps in Pita
Pita, shrimps, paperoni, vegetables, salad
Piri-Piri schrimps in Pita
165 CZK
Mozzarella Homemade bread, mozzarella, tomatoes, green salad and pesto
150 CZK
Salmon Homemade bread, marinated salmon, salad and onion
175 CZK
Tuna Tuna, green salad, tomatoes, eggs, onion, mayonnaise and pesto
150 CZK
Chicken or Choriso Homemade bread, chicken breast/Choriso, pickled cucumber, salad
140 CZK
With Omelet Homemade bread, butter, egg omelet, vegetables, mayonnaise and onion
130 CZK


Pesto Pesto souse, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts
140 CZK
Carbonara Chicken meat, cream souse, parmesan
165 CZK
Sea food Mix sea food, cream souse, onion, garlic, lemon juice & parmesan
170 CZK


Caprese Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and pesto
160 CZK
Tuna Salad Green salad, vegetables, potatoes, tuna, olive oil, eggs, croutons and red onion
170 CZK
Baked goat cheese Baked goat cheese
Special salad, goat‘s cheese, pears, grapefruit, nuts & dressing
Baked goat cheese
170 CZK
Zaziki with toast Zaziki with toast
Yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, dill, salad
Zaziki with toast
120 CZK
Salmon ala grila Three kinds of salad, marinated grilled salmon, grilled pepper
180 CZK
Shrimps Shrimps
Shrimps fried with garlic, mixed salad, home made bread & butter
170 CZK
Smoked Trout Smoked Trout
With rucola salad, dill dressing , home made bread & butter
Smoked Trout
170 CZK


Mazetim Humus / eggplant salad / zaziki, toast / pita bread
140 CZK
Mediterranean pepper Grilled marinated peppers & cheese
135 CZK
Cheese plate Four kinds of cheese
135 CZK
Nuts Mix
60 CZK
Olives & Cheese
75 CZK


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